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Jade, the gorgeous greens, lavenders, yellow, reds, russets, etc. Chinese culture says that jade represents one's loyalty, beauty, grace and honor. Its perfect compactness and extreme hardness represent intelligence, honor and justice; The interior lines within the jade through the transparency symbolizes sincerity; Its iridescent brightness represents heaven; Its admirable substance, born of mountain and of water, represents the earth. Used alone it represents priceless chastity. Chinese proverb: "When I think of a wise man, his merits appear to be like jade". Chinese culture believes that breathing through jade would bestow longevity. It also keep the owner healthy, luck and bring on happiness. We like jade because of not only its beauty, but also more importantly its culture, meaning and humanity.

The Stone of Heaven

When people were new on the earth and prey to all the wild animals, the storm God looked down from the heavens and took pity. With one hand he grasped the rainbow and with the other hand he forged it into Jade axes. These he threw down for people to find, and so they did, and once discovering the axes, guessed the origin of their precious gift, and therefore called Jade “the stone of heaven”.

-A Chinese Legend

The First Jade Carvers

Before the Earth’s creation, there was a great void in which was created Chaos, which in time separated into dark (Yin, which was female and represented Earth) and light (Yang, which was male and represented the sun) In time the two met and merged. From there union Pan Ku, a dwarf was formed. With his hammer and chisel Pan Ku set about carving the universe from Chaos. Four supernatural beings appeared to help this first carver: the Unicorn, the Tortoise, the Phoenix and the Dragon.

-Taoist Legend
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