A Guide to Buying Jade Bangles

So you want to know about buying a genuine Jade bangle so that you are knowledgeable when you shop to buy one and not get ripped off with some of the fakes that are on the market today, NO PROBLEM!! When you are none reading this article, you will have all the tools in your corner to buy a genuine Jade bangle and not get ripped off with fake Jade.

Facts about the two Jades, Jadeite and Nephrite (The two Jades)

Nephrite is less valuable or the two jades being softer, with very little translucency if any and limited colors than Jadeite. Nephrite is found mostly in British Columbia, Russia, Taiwan, Africa, California, Alaska, United States, And western China. Among the colors of Nephrite are Black, variety of greens, white, gray and yellowish. Nephrite will scratch if you try to scratch it with a safety pin or the edge of a small sharp knife.


More about buying genuine Jadeite bangles

Jadeite jade is found in mainly Burma, and some in Western China. It comes in many gorgeous colors Like Greens of many shades, Lavender (many shades), Pure white, Russet, Yellows and Oranges. Jadeite is a very hard stone with a hardness of 6.5 – 7.2. Genuine Jadeite can be very translucent depending on the Jade stone. Genuine Jadeite will feel cool to the touch and will not scratch if you try to scratch it with a safety pin or the edge of a small sharp knife. The most important factors in determining the value of a Jadeite bangle is the color and transparency. Color – From rich brilliant greens to deep lavender, these are the colors that demand the highest prices. The more light that shines through the stone, the better the quality and the value. Sometimes you will be able to look into the Jade with a 10X loop and see the natural grain of the Jade, if you cannot see any grain, you may have bought Fake Jade. Also Burmese Jade being the most valued Jade is brought into China by the Chinese Jade factories and carve there into fine Jadeite bangles, The Chinese have been the finest Jade carvers for over 5000 years, so do not be surprised if you buy Jadeite Jade from China and it is Burmese Jade.


How To Measure For Your Correct Bangle Size

1) The best way to measure and find the best bangle size for you is to place your fist on a flat surface, then with a measuring tape, measure from the middle of your first knuckle to the middle of your fourth knuckle. That measurement will give you your correct bangle size.

Please see the picture below that illustrates how to correctly measure for your bangle size.

2) Then select the bangle you want and click on Buy It, that will record your selection and take you to the page where you can either checkout or continue shopping. When you get to the shopping cart page directly under your selection you will see “Option: sizes”. To the right of that will be the drop-down box which will include the available sizes for that bangle. Select your size continue shopping or Checkout. You will receive the bangle size that you selected.

PLEASE NOTE when you measure, you may find that your measurement may be different from our posted bangle sizes. Just select the bangle size that is closest to your measured size, and it will be just fine.

Please Remember – If for any reason you select the wrong bangle size, not to worry, we will gladly exchange your bangle for the correct size needed.

Some of the colors of Jade / Jadeite

Taking Care of Jade/Jadeite

As we have mentioned before in this article, Genuine Jade / Jadeite is a very hard stone and so, all you ever have to do to clean your new Jade bangle is using soap and water, there is nothing more to do. Please just remember that even though your new Jade bangle is a hard stone, it can still brake if hit on the hard surface or falling off your wrist onto a hard floor or pavement. So, take care that you wear the bangle with care.

A Genuine Jade bangle will last you a lifetime if cared for.


A brief history about Jade / Jadeite just for your knowledge

The Chinese call Jade “The Stone of Heaven”. They have treasured Jade beyond any other stone. The Chinese have centered their culture around Jade. Since Jade is a very hard stone (6.5–7.2) they found that it was good for making tools like ax heads and other hammering and cutting tools, since the only other choices were rocks and wood (metals were unknown at this time). When most people hear the word “jade”,

We think the history behind jade, its trade and how it became popular in a global market is fascinating, though! So, in honor of our favorite stone, here are some fun facts about how it made the journey to becoming what it is today:


Jade’s rich legacy in China continues to live on and thrive. It is still one of the most carved hardstones there, and modern Chinese people relate it to beauty and longevity (much like their ancestors did). It also remains popular because of its overall versatility to be used for different functions, and its availability in a multitude of colors (unlike most other precious stones).

Jade, or Jadeite, to be precise, has long been revered by Asians as the symbol of good luck, good health, happiness, longevity, peace, wealth and power to resist evil spirits and these carvings are sometimes carved into the jade bangles.

The Chinese are the world’s greatest Jade carvers and have been for the past 5000 years. They are the most skilled of all the peoples on the Asian continent. They cut and carve this stone today for the world’s Jade bangle markets. Jade from Burma (Burmese Jade) is often brought into China to be carved into bangles and sold there. Besides Chinese Jade (Jadeite) , Burmese Jade (Jadeite) has been carved in China for many, many years. The best quality Jade (Jadeite) is from Northern China and Burma (Burmese Jade)


Just remember when buying Jade/ Jadeite bangles, you are buying a semi precise stone, and some of the Jades are more precise than others and so you have to use your head. If the price is too low question it. You can take a look at some of the Jade sold on eBay and Amazon, there you will see that they advertise “genuine” Jade bangles and sell them  for such cheap prices, then see where the seller is from and most of the time it will say China where there is a lot of Fake Jade selling online on eBay or Amazon, so us your head. If it is too cheap, then something is wrong.

I do hope that the article helps you in your quest for buying a genuine, gorgeous Jade / Jadeite bangle