juneblogimgBecause jade jewelry and figurines are so unique and delicate, they need to be well cared for. If you’re an avid collector, you probably already know how it should be maintained. How do you take care of your jade items? If you are using regular household cleaning supplies or jewelry cleaners to wash your jade, you might want to re-think your method of maintenance. At Oriental Jade Jewelry, we specialize in selling high-quality jade jewelry and figurines that we hand-pick ourselves when we travel to China. To inform our customers of how to properly maintain their items, we put together a few tips to follow that will keep the stone in top condition.

Do Not Expose Jade to Chemicals

It is recommended not to clean jade with jewelry or household cleaners because they contain harsh chemicals that can destroy the beauty of the stone. Make sure that you take off your jewelry before you go swimming in a pool or hot tub, because the chlorine can also harm the stone.

Use Water and Mild Soap

Avoid cleaning your jadeite with any acids or alcohol! It is suggested to only apply water or water mixed with mild soap to get it nice and clean.

Occasionally Oil Jade

Jade that is polished and shiny can be oiled lightly every week or so. The oil re-polishes the surface of the stone to keep it reflective.

Wipe It with a Microfiber Cloth

Using a microfiber cloth to wipe down the jade will give the stone a sheen, smooth look and prevent scratches.

Keep Your Items Separate from Other Gemstones

When you store jade with other gemstones or jewelry items, you risk it getting scratched by the other materials. Place them in a jewelry box on their own or in a separate compartment.

Don’t knock it Against Hard Surfaces

In order to keep your jade item in good condition with a beautiful appearance, be aware of how you wear it. If it is a necklace, it could knock against the edge of something, causing it to crack or break. Make sure you store your jade figurine in a safe place where it won’t fall. Banging any jade stone into other hard objects can permanently damage the piece and devalue its worth.

If your jade is rare, unique or exquisite, you will want to do anything you can to protect your investment. Following these few techniques will ensure that it still looks amazing for years to come. As a high-quality retailer, we at Oriental Jade Jewelry feel it is very important to know how to take care of jade jewelry.

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