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Jade Bracelets buying tips

Buying a nice Jade bracelet for your self or for a nice gift is a fine stone to consider for a bracelet. Jade has been so popular and valued by all for 5000 years. The nice thing about different shade of Greens to Lavender, yellow, white, russet, etc. When buying your Jade bracelet, you will want to make sure that you buy from a genuine Jade dealer, Not from just anywhere. Jade bracelets come in many styles, some are strands of Jade beads on a cord with a nice clasp while others are Jade stones cut in many different shapes and then set into Gold or silver settings. There are so many different gorgeous styles to pick from. Fine quality Jade stones for making Jade bracelets is getting harder for the Jade jewelry companies to get since the Jade stone is getting harder and harder to find each year and to mine, there is just getting to be less and less Jade in the world due to mining over thousands of years of mining the Stone.
If you are looking via the internet, you MUST be very careful because there are some sites that are selling “fake Jade jewelry ”. Only deal with an online Jade jewelry company that is a genuine Jade dealer, like us, we have been in the Jade jewelry business for over 30 years now. Research them first and make sure that they have Jade jewelry co been selling on the internet for a long time, Also it is recommended that the company online that you may want to buy your Jade bracelet from have a phone number that you can call and talk to a live person.
I am sure that after reading this information that you are now better educated to go and buy your Jade bracelet.
What to consider before making a Jade purchase
Avid jadeite collectors understand what makes the stone valuable when hunting down authentic items. But, if you are just starting out, it can be difficult to determine if the item is worth the price. Because the gemstone is so unique, there are a variety of factors that must be considered when deciding whether or not to buy the jade item, whether it be bangles, figurines, rings, earrings or pendants. Although jade is the most respected gemstone in Chinese culture, many merchants don’t treat it that way. Purchasing a jade item that lacks in quality can be avoided by questioning some aspects about the stone.

Is it made out of Nephrite or Jadeite?
Although both materials are considered to be in the Jade family , they each differentiate slightly. Nephrite is the traditional material of jade stone, while jadeite is the material that was imported and used later on in history. Both stones are referred to as jade and vary in color, mineralogical properties, appearance and pallet ranges. If the jade item appears to be anything other than nephrite or jadeite, then it is not real jade. If you are wanting to buy real Jade jewelry, then you do not want Nephtire.