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Jade earrings buying tips

So, you want to buy Jade earrings for yourself or someone special, well here are some good tips to help you with your Jade earrings shopping. Today Jade earrings are sold all over the world, but you do not want to fall into the group of shoppers that buy “Fake” Jade. Here at Oriental Jade Jewelry we only sell fine genuine Jade earrings. Make sure that you are buying genuine Jade earrings, and not Nephrite earrings that some seller pass off as Jade. (Here at Oriental Jade jewelry we only sell genuine Jade earrings and Jewelry at wholesale prices to the public)

So, before buying your new Jade earrings, here is some information to help you.

Jade comes in many gorgeous colors like Greens of many shades, Lavender (many shades), Pure white, Russet, Yellows and Oranges. Jade is an extremely hard stone with a hardness of 6.5 – 7.2. Genuine Jade can be very translucent depending on the Jade stone. Genuine Jade will feel cool to the touch and will not scratch if you try to scratch it with a sharp object like a safety pin or the edge of a small sharp knife. The most important two factors in determining the value of Jade earrings is the color and transparency of the stone. Color – From rich brilliant greens to deep lavender, these are the colors that demand the highest prices. The more light that shines through the stone, the better the translucent quality of the stone. The best Jade comes from Burma, with Western China being also exceptionally good quality Jade.

Know that you are buying genuine Jade and not Nephrite.

Although both materials are considered in the same family of gen stones, they are each different stone There is a big difference between the two stones. Nephrite only comes in a few colors (mainly green and black) and is not as hard as Jade. In addition, Nephrite is opaque and not translucent. Nephrite is very inexpensive to buy and there are a lot of sellers that sell Nephrite for Jade, (Here at Oriental jade jewelry We only sell genuine Jade jewelry). So, buying genuine Jade earrings or any other Jade jewelry from us you will know that you are buying genuine Jade earrings and jewelry,(we have been in the Jade jewelry business for over 30 years and will never sell Nephrite).

Genuine Jade comes in a rainbow of Colors whereas Nephrite only comes in green and black. Jade can be translucent or opaque, depending on the quality Jade the you buy, whereas Nephrite is only opaque. Sometimes you will be able to see the grain (lines within the Jade stone) within the Jade that you buy, this is very normal.

Hope that this information we help you buy your new Jade earrings.