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Jade Necklace Buying Tips

So, you want to buy a new Jade necklace for yourself or someone special. A Jade necklace around the neck is a gorgeous and fantastic fashion statement, and since Jade comes in many different Jade colors, you can buy the color of Jade that you like and that will go with most of the clothing that you have. It will make a gorgeous center piece around your neck that will be seen by everyone. Later, if you like you can buy a matching Jade bracelet or earrings to set off the necklace. When selecting a new Jade necklace, consider the size of the Jade beads of the necklace, they can come in sizes 8mm, 10mm, 12 and 14mm. Buy the size Jade beads that you believe that will look good on you and not too heavy. When wearing a nice Jade necklace, everyone will notice and tell you how much the necklace looks. Just remember, that Jade is forever and will not wear. The color of the stones (if natural) we also be forever. Jade has been a huge trend for a very long time now. So, go buy your new Jade necklace and enjoy.

Here are some good tips to help you with your jade shopping. Today Jade jewelry is sold all over the world, but you do not want to fall into the group of shoppers that buy “Fake” Jade every day and all over the world.
So, before buying you should have some knowledge and we are going to help you. So here we go.

Jadeite Jade is found in mainly Burma, and some in Western China. It comes in many gorgeous colors Like Greens of many shades, Lavender (many shades), Pure white, Russet, Yellows and Oranges. Jadeite is a very hard stone with a hardness of 6.5 – 7.2. Genuine Jadeite can be very translucent depending on the Jade stone. Genuine Jadeite will feel cool to the touch and will not scratch if you try to scratch it with a safety pin or the edge of a small sharp knife. The most important factors in determining the value of a Jadeite bangle is the color and transparency. Color – From rich brilliant greens to deep lavender, these are the colors that demand the highest prices. The more light that shines through the stone, the better the quality and the value. Sometimes you will be able to look into the Jade with a 10X loop and see the natural grain of the Jade, if you cannot see any grain, you may have bought Fake Jade. Also Burmese Jade being the most valued Jade is brought into China by the Chinese Jade factories and carve there into fine Jadeite bangles, The Chinese have been the finest Jade carvers for over 5000 years, so do not be surprised if you buy Jadeite Jade from China and it is Burmese Jade.

You now should have some basic knowledge about Jade to go buy your new Jade necklace but remember to buy from a Jade store that you know is selling “Real” Jade. Have they been in business selling Jade jewelry for a long time or new to the business, this is very important !! You will want to know that after you buy your new Jade necklace that the store will be still there later to help you if needed.