Jade Pendants

All our Jade Pendants are made from fine quality Jade

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All Pendants come in an attractive Pendant gift box and with a free chain.

Jade Pendant buying tips

So, you would like to buy a nice Jade pendant; well you have come to the right place.

We have many to choose from and we ONLY sell fine Jade jewelry at wholesale prices to the public. One of the first things for you to know is that the name/term “Jade” represents both of the Jade family stones, Nephrite and Jadeite. There is a big difference between the two stones. Nephrite only comes in a few colors and is not as hard as Jadeite. In addition, Nephrite is opaque and not translucent. Nephrite is very inexpensive to buy and there are a lot of sellers that sell Nephrite for Jadeite. We only sell genuine Jadeite Jade jewelry. So, buying a real Jade pendant is knowing that you are buying from a REAL Jade jewelry dealer, (we have been in the Jade jewelry business for over 30 years now). Real Jade comes in many gorgeous colors like white, many shades of greens, russet, many shades of lavender, yellow, and red, just to name some of the colors. Jade can be translucent or opaque, depending on the quality Jade the you buy, but both will have gorgeous color. Sometimes the Jade that you purchase you will be able to see the grains (lines within the Jade stone) within the Jade. This is very normal. Jade has a hardness of about 7 – 7.5 on the gem’s hardness chart. Most of the best Jade/Jadeite come from Northern China and Burma, but the best Jade carvers are all in China, since they have been jade carving for over 3000 years.

Some Jade pendants are set in gold or silver settings and some are hand carved with many Chinese symbols carved onto them. We have both. On our pendant page we have mostly the Jade/ Jadeite pendants that are set into the gold or silver settings. If you go to our “One Of A Kind page” you will find hand carved Jade/ Jadeite pendants that have been hand carved with a variety of so many different Chinese carvings. They may symbolize long life, good health, good fortune, happiness, etc. These pendants have been hand carved by 4th generation Chinese Jade/Jadeite carvers.
I am sure that after reading this information that you are now better educated to too purchase your new Jade pendant, also we are here to help you should you did any other help (email or phone).