Jade Symbols and Meanings

Noble – Jade was a valuable stone of high worth by the nobles and Shank kings of China.
Compassion – Jade often signifies creativity, encouragement and gives the ability to dream-solve.
Goodness – The stone has been thought to repel negativity.
Preciousness – Considered as an item of high value, jade symbolizes extreme importance.
Beauty – Because jade is attractive in appearance, it represents the beauty of other people or things
Courage – Since jade offers spiritual protection, it has been regarded as giving one bravery.
Wisdom – Many ancient cultures believed that jade allowed an entrance into the spiritual world, which gave people knowledgeable insight.
Sound – When Jade is struck, it makes a sound that is believed to symbolize music.
Justice – The angles and cuts of a jade stone symbolize fairness.
Healing – Some say that the stone can offer healing powers.
Protection – It is believed that the gemstone provides protection for those who own it.
Purity – The brilliance of polished jade represents purity.