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Fine Quality Chinese Wealth and Treasure, With Chinese Coins Pendant

This is an excellently carved Chinese Wealth and Treasure with Chinese Coins Pendant.  The four  Chinese Characters carved all mingled together on this pendant are to “Bring in Wealth and Treasure” with a “Falicitious Wish of Making Money”. Falicitious means –  well chosen or suited to the circumstances. See the gallery images for the four Chinese characters that are carved into this Pendant and a clear image of the four characters as they are normally seen together.  The Chinese Coins are beautifully carved around the edge of this Pendant. We have never had a Pendant like this before. The color is a gorgeous and most popular Apple Green Jade . The Pendant has been hand carved with great detail by a 4th generation Chinese Master Jade Carver. The quality, color and clarity of this Jade piece is excellent. The translucent quality is also excellent.

Size: 2 inches in diameter
Weight: 34 grams

Made of genuine fine quality Jade