Six Reasons Why Oriental Jade Items are so Collectable

Thinking about becoming a jadeite collector? If so, then the beauty and symbolism of the precious stone have attracted you to it like so many other jade enthusiasts. The stone has an abundance of characteristics that make it special and valuable. Jadeite is used to make jewelry, figurines, décor, and other trinkets in today’s market, but buyers have to look out for knock-offs that claim to be real. You must be very careful about making a purchase to buy jade bangles, rings, and other items to make sure they are authentic. But, once you build up your jade collection, you can marvel at its magnificence and quality. Here are six solid reasons why jade goods are collected across the world.

  1. It has Symbolic Meaning

Jade has been associated with philosophy in Chinese culture for thousands of years. It is believed to bring people good fortune, protection, healing, and happiness. Jade bracelets and bangles are often worn on the left hand as a shield against harm. It is said that the jade bangle will take the brunt of an injury or fall by breaking.


  1. It Has Many Uses

Jadeite appears in many trades in today’s market, such as jewelry and home decorations. However, in the old age, jade was also used to make weapons and chinaware.

  1. It has Historical Significance

Jade has been in use since the Neolithic times and is linked to religious beliefs of the Chinese. The stone’s early connection to civilizations has deemed it as a fascinating relic.

  1. It makes a great hobby

Many individuals collect jade as a hobby. Authentic jadeite is not easy to find, so collectors get to enjoy the task of locating, finding, and acquiring jade items. Once the collection gets bigger, the jade items must be properly maintained, organized, and well-kept to keep them in top condition. It can be an exciting feeling when a highly rare and valuable jade piece is attained into your possession.

  1. It’s a form of art

njonjiJade is used throughout many forms of art. Beautiful jade carvings containing intricate details are extremely cherished because of the talent it took to create them. Highly skilled master carvers carve the jade stone by hand to create mesmerizing depictions of animals, flowers, dragons, and more.

  1. It’s Valuable and Rare

The most valuable jadeite stone pieces are judged by their color, clarity, translucency, smooth finish, and surface texture. Such stone quality is extremely difficult to find, which is why it is greatly treasured.

One can appreciate the stunning aura of a quality oriental jade stone piece. Whatever your reason is for collecting, the jade stone is sure to be one of your most prized possessions. If you are looking to buy jade bracelets and other items to add to your collection, check out our online inventory of authentic pieces priced at reduced rates.