julyblogOne major fashion trend that has surfaced throughout the years is wearing jade bangles. Jade bangles are often worn by women not only because of the stone’s presence in fashion, but also due to its symbolism and connection to philosophy. Wearing jade bangles is a fashion accessory that can easily complement both a formal and casual outfit. Many women will wear a small jade bangle around their wrist without ever taking it off because it is believed that the stone will protect them from harm and keep them healthy. Some women even shower with it on! The stone has a hardness of 6.5 – 7.5 on the scale, which makes it a very durable solid that is difficult to break.

The highest quality jade bangles are shiny, translucent and rich in color. Unlike other jade items such as earrings, bangles stand for protection, love and balance. Some jade collectors do not wear their bangle – instead they place it upon a decorative ornamental stand for display. Either way, jade bangles present a beautiful appearance that is admirable and eye-catching.

How to Buy a Jade Bangle Bracelet

Searching for a real jade bangle bracelet can be difficult because not every item on the market is true in its authenticity. High-quality jade bangles can only be bought from a reputable seller, such as Oriental Jade Jewelry. When you go to purchase a jade bangle, make sure that you know exactly what size your wrist is, as well as which hand you want to wear it on. Since the bangles range in thickness and size, you must select the right one that will fit properly.

How to Wear It

A jade bangle can either be worn on the right hand or the left hand. Many individuals opt to wear it on their left wrist because it is closer to the heart and is the traditional way for the stone to achieve wellness and balance throughout the body. To put it on, many people will apply oil to their skin and simply slide the bangle on. To take it off, the same method can be used.

If it Breaks, What Does it Mean?

If the jade bangle breaks, there is no reason to fret, except for the damage of such an attractive accessory. There are no negative notations for breaking a jade bangle. It will not cause sickness or bring bad luck to the person who wore it. Instead, it is believed that the jade bangle performed its duty of protecting the wearer by absorbing the damage away from the body. Many women claim that their jade bracelet protected them from being harmed by spiritually taking the impact away from them as it broke.

Jade is one of the most beautiful stones in the world that carries a long history of symbolism, a characteristic that is attractively displayed in high-quality jadeite bangles. Whether the purpose is to express personal style or to impose good health and fortune, the jade bangle makes a great accessory for any occasion.