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Fine Quality Chinese Dragon and Phoenix Jade Bangle with Chinese Blessings.

This Jade Bangle has been hand carved with great detail with the  Chinese Dragon and Phoenix and Chinese Blessings. The Dragon is one the Chinese Zodiac signs. The Chinese Dragon symbolizes strength, loyalty, and longevity according to Chinese culture, and the Phoenix is the most beloved bird in the Chinese culture and symbolizes peace, joy and prosperity according to Chinese culture. The bangle also has carved into it the Chinese Blessing for “Everything will work out the way you want and wish for” also according the Chinese culture. The color of this bangle are beautiful and most popular Apple Green Jade This Bangle has been hand carved in great detail by a well-known Chinese Master Jade Carver. The quality, color and clarity of this Jade Bangle is excellent. The translucent quality is also excellent. It is flawless throughout (no chips, fractures or marks).

This is a One-Of-A- Kind hand carved Bangle

Size: 2 3/8 inches (inner diameter)
Width = 14 mm

Made of genuine fine quality Jade