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Fine Quality Hand Carved Chinese Jade Yin/Yang Pendant

This pendant is a beautifully detailed hand carved Chinese pendant of the Yin and Yang. Both the Yin (female)and the Yang (male) are energies of opposite sides, and both give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another causing a natural balance between male and female energies, according to Chinese culture. The Yin and the Yang show how both work together in the natural balance of the earths energy to create this balance between male and female energies. The pendant has been hand carved with great detail by a well-known 4th generation Chinese Master Jade Carver. The color of this Jade pendant is gorgeous Apple Green Jade The quality, color and clarity of the Jade is excellent. The translucent quality is also excellent.

This is a One-Of-A- Kind hand carved pendant.

Size: 2 inches in diameter
Weight = 22 grams

Made of genuine fine quality Jade